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“Lulloff was amazing. He traversed the instrument with seamless agility, filled out phrases for all their expressive worth and achieved dynamics from audible purrs to penetrating howls.”

-- The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Mr. Lulloff’s artistry showed fine instincts for phrasing in both brilliant and pensive music.”

-- The New York Times

“... considerable virtuosity as soloist.”

-- The New York Times

“… a Captivating Saxophonist”

-- Grand Rapids Press

“Joseph Lulloff played ... with all the finesse of a top - notch concert violinist. ... Lulloff was a bright presence, blending with the wind ensemble but always audible and soloistic. Alto saxophone can be cuttingly bright, but Lulloff’s was smooth and slightly covered, agreeably so. He maintained impressive consistency throughout his entire range. Lulloff ... knows a thing or two about stage presence a s well as technique ...”

-- Akron Beacon - Journal

“... [Lulloff] plays brilliantly with velvety - smooth tone and spectacular technique. He negotiates the wickedly complex and speedy roulades with great flourish. He bends to his task with athletic tension and almost pantomimic body English.”

-- “Considered Opinions,” WCLV Radio

“... a knockout performance by Joseph Lulloff...”

-- LA Weekly

“Lulloff exercises all the prerogatives of the virtuoso soloist...”

-- “Considered Opinions,” WCLV

“...sweetly and nimbly played by the superb Joseph Lulloff.”

-- Ventura County Star

“Joseph Lulloff proved what a stupendous protagonist the instrument can be...”

-- The Cleveland Plain Dealer